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Ayomi Bhumi

2019-02-01 21:19:29 | Profile
I heard it in the raisin packet.

Earl McEarl

2019-01-11 21:11:46 | Profile
Amazing song. Originally discovered it as "South of the Grapevine", a Gaye/Slayer mashup that basically creates Soul Metal (no idea if that kind of genre actually exists) but the original beat of this is great too.

Iam Jerico Azurin

2018-10-31 00:24:22 | Profile
hi everyone, just want to thank everyone for viewing the video as we pass 5 million!!and all the kind responses. 195 dislikes though?? not lovers of real music. keep viewing!!

Gage Olsen

2018-10-29 18:47:50 | Profile
ok angels i follow u

Gerald Markowitz

2018-10-25 15:57:59 | Profile
2 thousand 7 hundred women disapprove of this song


2018-10-25 14:28:28 | Profile
What did Teddy Pendergrass say TKO

Sidecar Lion

2018-10-23 07:22:45 | Profile
That son of a bitch is Gaye for sure...

Thomas Sabellek

2018-10-20 12:14:16 | Profile
Came here cuz gui bar beeero


2018-10-20 11:25:03 | Profile
like if the california raisins

William Sanchez

2018-10-19 12:18:28 | Profile
How can nearly 2800 people not like this eternal classic?