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Bob Nunes

2019-02-22 00:50:23 | Profile
are her eyes serously that blue irl?


2018-10-27 20:38:07 | Profile
Everytime I watch this it makes me wonder about all those kids that go through something like that

Viataliy Ivanov

2018-10-26 15:39:24 | Profile
Thank you for this beautiful song god bless all gods children. Young and old for threw god we are truly loved god bless

FeloxZ99 Ω

2018-10-25 19:07:22 | Profile
I love this song very much. So touching

Donald Thieme

2018-10-24 07:22:46 | Profile
this is a sad song but its my favotire

Mi ledi

2018-10-23 16:44:14 | Profile
My grandpa got sick and it was hard for him to walk then one day my mom was cry she started to pray she said why not one more day plz I love you i heard and and started to cry

rvlfs is bored

2018-10-21 08:35:28 | Profile
This is one song I can never ever keep myself from crying I watch this I think of all the people I know that have a disability in some way or another including myself.


2018-10-20 19:05:01 | Profile
Thanks Martina.. i cry while listening your reminds me a friend whose her son is ADHD...God bless u..


2018-10-15 03:46:11 | Profile
I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2018-10-04 11:26:06 | Profile
1tyme this song had me in tears when my mama was driving us to school because she told what the song meant to the FAMILY.

Charrie Paraguya

2018-10-02 14:09:21 | Profile
This song gets to me in so many ways