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Sam Dizon

2018-10-31 03:53:36 | Profile
Perfect description of panic attack. I never knew what I had until I heard this.Then I figured if Sting had it ok.


2018-10-13 18:50:56 | Profile
Sting helped me tune my English a bit


2018-10-13 14:41:09 | Profile
One of the best engineered records of the1980/s and well written lyrics to accomplish the music

matt terry

2018-10-10 13:49:27 | Profile
Why have no one done any thing about it coasting adds us people to advert that crap on every channel

Agoez Van Java

2018-10-10 05:08:30 | Profile
...........1989.......... one UNFORGETTABLE YEAR.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro Herrera

2018-09-27 21:57:58 | Profile
One of the greatest songwriters in history. Period

Bunker Bunt

2018-09-24 18:05:57 | Profile
As a young girl growing up my dad would play this song repeatedly and now as a grown adult woman I get up some days and I can still hear it so I play it, it reminds me so much of my childhood and how carefree my world was at the time, never really realized how meaningful and beautiful Stings music was and is until now. I really do appreciate and acknowledge good music

Isaac Sousa Soares

2018-09-24 01:57:44 | Profile
I ve been listening this for all my life...! Masterpiece! Who is this girl with Sting on this music video?

Antonia Köhler

2018-09-16 16:49:50 | Profile
Talking adverts should be limited

Diana Semenova

2018-09-15 21:17:35 | Profile
And why most of this ingredient do not work with us why are they limited